Pinto's blistering style elevates the narrative. Intense, nasty, judgmental, sarcastic ... speaks sentences and phrases that sandblast into each other making the reader want to duck and cover.
Huff Post

Rapid-fire writing and mercurial social analysis making for a unique, thought-provoking perspective on the fickle music industry and the archetypes within it. He nailed it.
Pink Mafia

Striking imagery, witty and often dark prose … captures a moment in time that will be likened to the heyday of yuppies on Wall Street in the 80’s and the Gatsbies of the roaring twenties.

Takes the philosophical novel into the age of social media.
The Sabbatical by Frederick Pinto
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Caustic, critical, and thickly populated with schemers, frauds and several mercilessly observed music-industry types. A spot-on portrait of a mercenary business world and a moving account of one man’s internal upheaval.

A fresh, irreverent novel.

An impeccable story and a fascinating journey, both literal and metaphorical.

Not only a good read, but an important read. Read it, learn from it, act on it.